Causes of Low Testosterone and the Best Methods of Prevention Review

Masculinity and the Role of Testosterone

Nowadays it’s not a secret that masculinity is determined not only by inherited features, but by testosterone levels. What is meant by masculinity? Well, this is everything that makes men look and feel like stronger sex representatives. For example, distinctive features of masculinity is a low voice, sufficient muscle and bones mass, men’s sexual function, including libido and erection, as well as overall energy.

Why Can Testosterone Become Low?

Normal testosterone levels provide the normal level of energy and normal functioning of the male organism. Testosterone tends getting lower with the course of ageing. This physiological reducing is commonly very gradual and it often comes unnoticed. But sometimes men face severe drops of testosterone, which cause not just discomfort, but serious health disorders. The key causes of low testosterone are as follows.

1) Unhealthy lifestyle. This includes a lot of aspects: incorrect nutrition, causing extra weight gaining, lack of physical loads, making the problem even worse, sedentary working, poor ecology, smoking, drinking, etc. Unfortunately, mode of life of the majority of big cities’ residents is far from being healthy. No surprise that the problem of low testosterone is so widely spread.

2) Certain diseases. First of all, chronic diseases of inner organs are meant. For a normal production of this hormone, healthy functioning of the liver and kidneys is necessary. If for some reason they don’t function as needed, testosterone is not produced in the proper amount.

Prevention Measures

Like any disorder, drop in testosterone level can be avoided if timely and adequate prevention measures are taken. The essential recommendation is universal: leading a healthy lifestyle. But it is not as simple as it can seem. The concept of healthy lifestyle is multilateral. It includes a lot of various spheres that are similarly important.

• First and foremost is a normal physical activity. What man will you consider to be more masculine: an athlete with rippling muscles or an overweight office worker with a stoop back? Of course, the first one and this is absolutely natural, as physical strength is always associated with a high masculinity. And physical strength is impossible without high testosterone.

• The second sphere is dieting. Today much is spoken about healthy nutrition habits. In general, normal testosterone levels are closely associated with healthy nutrition, but there are some specific types of food that intensify the production of this hormone. This is food with a high content of zinc. Known sources of zinc are oysters and some other types of seafood, meat (red), beans, seeds. Generally speaking, try to maintain a well-balanced diet, avoid fast food and empty calories, and don’t overeat.

• Try to avoid stresses and overfatigue. Firstly, overfatigue often causes overeating and alcohol drinking. Secondly, when you are nervous, tired or anxious, testosterone drops. Learn how to remove stress without smoking and drinking. Try yoga or meditation instead. It will boost your health in general and testosterone in particular.

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