Using HGH for weight loss and obesity – effectiveness and scientific data!

Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease that is characterized by excessive development of adipose tissue. The degree of obesity reflects the progress of the disease and metabolic deteriorations in the body. Treatment of obesity does not exclude the possibility of relapse. It depends primarily on the willpower of an individual. Obesity increases the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, hypertension, etc.

What are the causes of obesity?

Obesity develops as a result of prolonged disturbance of energy balance in the human body.
The main factors leading to the development of this disease:

1. Heredity.
2. Irrational nutrition.
3. Hypodynamia (lack of physical activity).

The main and additional (stress, insomnia) factors of the development of obesity can act against the person both taken together and separately. The incidence of this disease – both in men and women – peaks to 45-55 years. In women, an excess of adipose tissue can be associated with the pathology of the reproductive system (such as polycystic ovary syndrome). Obesity is also often accompanied by infertility, disorders of the menstrual cycle: excess weight and gynecological problems are usually closely interrelated.

How to diagnose obesity?

Obesity (overweight) is established based on the calculation of the body mass index (BMI). The ideal body weight is determined by taking into account the type of constitution of the body. Measuring your BMI, you can also determine the degree of obesity.

The degree of obesity determines the excess of the total body weight in comparison with the normal indicators. However, when determining the degree of obesity, weight is not so important as excess fatty deposits. And excess fat mass can vary significantly even in people of the same sex, age, with identical height and body weight. The weight of a person depends not only on the mass of fat deposits, but also on the mass of the skeleton & muscles.

HGH for weight loss – possibility of using

People who are obese have a limited ability to release stimuli of growth hormone. The use of HGH weight loss helps to improve lipolysis, accelerates the destruction of fatty acids and triglycerides. Deterioration of the secretion of this hormone leads to a decrease in the lipolytic effect.

Scientific data

According to a recent study published in Hormone Research, 24 overweight patients were on a low-calorie diet. Some patients received the drug with growth hormone and others used placebo tablets. As it turned out, the group taking the hormone (HGH diet group) lost 1.6 times more fat than the group that took the placebo. This suggests that HGH for weight loss may be useful for obese people who adhere to a low-calorie diet.

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